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  • UPC 740851218123
  • SAFE TO USE WITH ANY COOKWARE – Bamboo is the ideal material for not scratching your nonstick cookware. Metal utensils can scrape material off your pan adding metals to your food or ruining the nonstick coating.
  • LESS HEAT ABSORBENT – Bamboo is a dense wood that is harder and more flexible than more traditional wooden cutlery. As well as being less heat absorbent so you don’t burn your fingers.
  • HOW TO CLEAN – Once you are done using the Bamboo Wood Cooking Spoon simply wash with water and let dry in a ventilated area.
  • NOT DISHWASHER RECOMMENDED – Do not wash in dishwasher as the hot temperature may affect the spoon.
  • Bamboo requires little water and space to grow leaving a lower carbon footprint than other wood material.

Bamboo Wood Cooking Spoon – Use with All Cookware – 12-Inches

SKU: 740851218123
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